I’ll give you two incredibly productive weeks.

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Everyone deserves to reach their potential

My name is John Holcroft. I know how challenging working for yourself can be. How hard it is to turn ‘I should be doing’ into ‘I am doing’. I support you so that you can get the most out of the day, without needing vast amounts of will power.

Daily accountability is new. Here is what people have to say about my weekly accountability meetings (WAMs).

If you have this call then you think ‘oh god, I’ve really got to do something’ and that’s what works for me. I really appreciate it and I really value these.

I find the mere fact of having the call, and coming on it, and thinking to yourself ‘Have I done what I said?’, ‘Was I realistic?’, ‘Why haven’t I done this?’. Yes you can do it yourself but you don’t.

Carol Clark

Down Dog Training and Behaviour

The weekly meetings are hugely helpful to keep me on track with the tasks which grow my business. It’s all too easy to delude ourselves that we’re doing well because our time is filled with busy work, but the reality is that without something like WAM it’s easy to end up being busy doing the wrong kind of work (so you’re not moving your business forward), or getting so wrapped up in client work that you end up always putting your own business priorities at the bottom of the list. WAM is a simple way to stay focused on the stuff that matters.

Tanya Smith-Lorenz

Conversion Copywriter

Vicky Fraser describes the impact it has had on her Business for Superheroes group:

Why daily accountability?

Sometimes you need more than weekly accountability. You need something to supercharge your productivity and that you can commit to on your own.

Maybe you know what a boost accountability is to your productivity, especially when paired with weekly planning, and want that every day.

Maybe you have something you really need to make progress on this week.

Maybe you are in a productivity rut and want to break out, or need help implementing a productivity system.

If any of these are true for you then daily accountability will be a worthwhile investment. You’ll be amazed at the amount of progress you can make in two weeks.

How it works

We have a video call at the start of the day, then at the end of the day you send an update on how your day went. We’ll start the week by deciding the goals for the week and end the week with a review. 
At the start of the day:
  • We remind ourselves of the goals for the week
  • You say what you would like to achieve today to move closer to your goals
  • You give an outline for your activities
At the end of the day you send me a message:
  • What you achieved
  • What went well
  • Are there lessons learnt (or areas for improvement)
  • Decide an easy task to start the day tomorrow – something to get started on before our call

How do I sign up?

  1. Click the Get Started button
  2. Choose a time for an initial call where we discuss where you are at, what you want to achieve, and you ask any questions you might have
  3. At the end of the call choose to sign-up

Stop Wasting Days

Wasting a day makes you feel awful. You know you aren’t reaching your potential, and it is easy to feel shame and self-loathing. You can avoid failure and reach your potential by getting the help to get the most out of each day.

I can give you the structure and accountability to get the most out of every day.

At the end of two weeks of accountability calls with me you’ll be closer to your goals and feel awesome about being someone who get things done.

Book two weeks of accountability calls today.

What I promise


Always Supportive

If you are struggling I help you find your path forward.

Remember, you aren’t the problem, the problem is problem. We can work it out.


No homework

Just agree that this productivity structure is for you and I bring it to you. No willpower required. No homework. This is the easiest way to turn ‘I should do’ into ‘I am doing’.


Telling another person what you are going to do for the next couple of hours and then reporting on what you did isn’t complicated, but it is powerful. Your personal pride is an incredible motivating force.

How much does it cost?

$149 for two weeks of calls.

What if it isn’t right for me?

At any point in the first week I’ll give a full refund.

Is it worth it?

Assuming your successful self is worth at least $100,000 a year, wasting a day or delaying success by a day costs over $500. Every day.

How much is having great days and reaching your potential worth to you?

Buy two weeks of daily accountability calls, with planning and review calls for the week